Prepare for Your EEG Test

This painless test measures the electrical activity given off by your brain. The test involves pasting 21 small disc electrodes in various locations on your scalp. The test takes about 30 min. You may need to shampoo your hair right after the test.

To prepare for an EEG, please do the following:

  • Eat within four hours prior to the test
  • Continue to take any medications prescribed by your doctor or allied health professional (we will ask you to list your medications prior to your EEG)
  • Do not use hair oil, spray or styling gel prior to the test

Sleep-Deprived EEG

This test is similar to a regular EEG, as described above, except that you will be asked to stay awake for 24 hours prior to your exam time. Children under the age of 12 who take this test are asked to remain awake from midnight until exam time. Do not eat or drink anything containing caffeine between midnight and the time of your test. A sleep-deprived EEG takes about one-and-a-half to two hours.